Defenders of Peace.

There is many way to achieve your goal of peace. But what is the right way. What if your adversaries are killing raping and pillaging nearby Villages and towns and their only method is violence and cannot be bargained with. Do you exert Force to get to ultimate goal of peace. Or do you stand by and let their killing ways go on and on and on until every peaceful person is wiped out. In the very long time of peace people must realize there is no peace without War. Your experience of war is how would know what peace is.  I believe fighting is necessary to have the ultimate goal of peace I believe the true Warriors in this world are there to protect the people that want the peace and cannot defend themselves. Maybe there the sacrificial lamb for peace so that millions of people can enjoy peace. Maybe they’re the ones that are willing to sacrifice there soul so that thousands of souls can live and raise families in a peaceful situation. The only way to cure hate is with love but when some parts of the world are brought  up with so much hate there sometimes no choice but to eradicate the hate before love can be found. Again somebody has to do it somebody has to be the sacrificial lamb and their sacrifice or so if that’s what the people believe will happen to them if they defend peace in the right of the people. To see more information click here