Peace….What is it

There are many ways that you can save the Peace of the people. As much as we want to change the world and have everlasting peace as long as evil exist this is an impossible task. That’s why we as humans must start from the inside to change the way we think and act toward others if you were caught in the chain of violence it’s up to you to work to break it. If you follow Jesus or all of the your God’s teaching love is the only way to break the chain of violence. Because it’s so many third world countries violence is their part of life and their way of survival it is very difficult to change the ways of those people. Not only is it been in grade it is a survival mechanism since that have so little to live off and are relegated to the most lowest common denominator of life which is to kill and Conquer through violence. This because of God’s love and his Reach Out programs some of these Villages and people can experience peace through our efforts to protect them. Taking guns away does not solve the problem four people will find a way to kill if that is what they want. The only way to solve this problem his true one of the Jesus greatest Commandments and that is love. If you can put your differences away and start with love everything else becomes easier. The only problem with love is that had his only been top for generations with these third-world countries. The funny thing is it’s only the one to two percent of the people that are super violent that get 99% of the media attention. Actually the world is filled with love think about it we have billions of people on this planet yes people die everyday but you don’t hear about all of the craziness of killings that are out there it’s so few and far between of the grand scheme of things that our planet does come from a very loving type of planet.


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